Advantages of a Wooden Massage Table

If you are in the market for a massage table, you probably already know that there are several different kinds that you can choose from. There are portable massage tables that can easily be transported from place to place and there are fixed ones that are quite heavy and are meant to stay in one location for a long time. Massage tables also come in different sizes, designs and materials.

Of the many available choices out there, wooden tables are consistently included among the best-selling products all over the world. These tables are preferred by massage therapists because of the following reasons:

Affordability – For sure, wooden massage tables are not the cheapest ones that you can find but they are certainly much more affordable compared to the very high-tech tables that come with all sorts of sophisticated features, most of which probably won’t even be used in an average massage session.

Durability – Wood is a naturally durable material and those that are used to make massage tables are strong enough to support heavy weights. With proper care, they can also last for several years.

Elegant Look – No matter how it is used, wood always lends a look of sophistication and elegance to any furniture or appliance. If you are starting a massage therapy business and would like to make a professional and very polished impression on your clients, wooden tables are definitely the way to go.

Portability – There are many types of wood that are lightweight enough to be carried comfortably from place to place, which is a huge advantage if you are planning on running a home service massage business. There are even some that are very small when folded up that you won’t even think it’s a massage table at all.

Comfort – Wooden tables are designed in such a way that they will give the highest level of comfort for your clients as they lie there for an hour or two. Of course, you will also have to pay attention to the thickness and softness of the padding that comes with the table. The thicker the padding, the more comfortable it will be for the person getting the massage.

Different Kinds of Wooden Massage Tables

Wooden massage tables can be divided into three main Gynecological Bed categories: the basic table, the 2-section table and the 3-section table. In order to select which of these would be best for your purposes, you should learn about the features of each one.

The basic wooden table is a very simple massage table that is made up of a single flat surface and that would suffice for simple types of massage treatments. The 2-section table comes with an additional back support structure that may be lifted up in an angle depending on the requirement of the massage. As for the 3-section table, in addition to being foldable on the back area, it can also be bent on the section underneath the