Five Online Games to Enjoy on Social Sites

The best way to find safe and fun online games today is to access them through social networking websites. The most popular games on Facebook are well known, but there are other games you can access through smaller social networking sites that are just as fun. Five of those games are featured here. Find them and enjoy!

browser realm

This game appoints all players as the Lord of their own country. The goal is to go toe-to-toe with other Lords to benefit your own country. This is a strategic game that includes fighting as well as some strategic thinking to move a country forward.


This is an online role-playing game that allows players to work with other units to defend against monsters. There are a variety of elements, including the ability to level up, defeat monsters, go on quests, and เว็บบอล  explore elaborate fantasy worlds. The game is well developed and incredibly popular with users who enjoy RPGs but want more of a video game feel to their online gaming experience.


This is another very popular RPG, but it is very heavy on the fantasy elements of world building. There is a lot of adventure and room for exploration, but players love to play because the worlds are so elaborately built and so much fun to explore and travel between.


Food and cooking games are becoming incredibly popular these days, so it’s no wonder this one starring a sushi chef is incredibly popular among online gaming enthusiasts. The game allows players to become sushi chefs and fight against time to cook and pass from one level to another. Sushido offers a nice way to pass the time. It doesn’t include a lot of violence, fancy world building, or role-playing.


You have to include an old but good when talking about online games. Bingo is incredibly popular in the offline world, so it only makes sense that online players would also line up to play bingo virtually. You can find free and paid bingo all over the web, but the free versions offered through social networking sites are the safest options. You don’t have to put money into play, but you still enjoy the game.

All of these games are easy to find through a reputable social networking site dedicated to gaming. They represent just a small sample of what you can find online today. There are many other online games that can be enjoyed for free, from card games and strategy games to advanced role-playing games with spectacular images and graphics. These games can be just as entertaining and enjoyable as games played through offline gaming systems, but they are much more convenient to locate and play. You don’t need an expensive game console and the only expense for free games is an internet connection. You can also play these games at home, at work, or anywhere else you can get online.

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