Football Shirts Remain a Massive Talking Point

At the start of every football season, thousands of fans will descend on their club shops to get their hands on the new shirt. Many of these fans will blindly doll over the forty quid without even looking at the quality of the product they’re buying. For the rest however, it can be incredibly disappointing when you want to pull on your teams colours but are horrified with how the shirt manufacturer have mutilated them.

In my opinion, fans deserve at the very least to be given the chance to have input into how their teams image is portrayed to the world. After all, it is they who pull out their wallets to pull on the shirts and by the same token, it is they who are mocked by colleagues ufabet เว็บตรงเข้าสู่ระบบ and other clubs if their clobber isn’t up to scratch.

Something that can be even more disappointing for fans is when a manufacturer simply turns out one shirt design a season and designates it to each of the teams it is contracted to. A football shirt should be unique to whichever club it represents as every team has it’s own traditions, backgrounds and preferences which are all too often overlooked.

It’s not entirely unheard of for a club to open up the floor for fans to speak their mind about a kit now and again, but more often than not it’s simply to vote on a choice of three and not to offer views and opinions on what they actually want.

It’s sad to think but I can see a time when a kit manufacturer wins the opportunity to make all of the kits for the Premiership, and every team in the league simply showcases that seasons ‘range’.

Like most aspects of football, I think fans should really start taking control before the sport becomes a complete business.