Omega 3 While Pregnant – Learn Why it is Important to Take an Omega 3 Supplement During Pregnancy

Everyone is aware of how extremely important good nutrition is while pregnant. Not only is it crucial to the health of the mother, but it is vital to the healthy development of the unborn child. The baby needs all the same nutrients that a healthy adult would need but some are needed in larger amounts than normally found in the mother’s diet. Some things are more important during specific stages of the baby’s growth and development such as the increased need for omega 3 fatty acids during the last three months of pregnancy. That is the stage where the baby’s brain is doing the majority of its growing so it is absolutely vital to support that growth properly.

Omega 3 fatty acids are actually a type of polyunsaturated fat but not the kind that makes you gain weight. Instead, these nutrients are the building blocks needed to support brain functions such as cognition, memory, attention span and other functions associated with intelligent behavior. They are not created by the body so we must get the amount we need each day from our daily diet. Unfortunately, some of the richest sources of this brain boosting substance are found in cold water fishes that also tend to be contaminated with toxins, therefore should be consumed only in limited amounts while pregnant.

Due to these dietary limitations, doctors are often recommending that pregnant women take a good omega 3 supplement. The average dosage recommended is 250 mg. daily, especially in the latter stages of gestation when about 70% of the Mind Lab Pro Reviews fetal brain development takes place. Without supplements, the baby will end up drawing it from the mother. Since it is stored mainly in the brain, it is estimated that the mother could have up to 3% of her brain cells die from deficiency in this crucial nutrient. A high quality Omega 3 supplement will support the health of both mother and baby.

Baby Brain Boost is an Omega 3 supplement [] that is specially made for pregnant mothers. By taking this Omega 3 supplement, your baby’ brain will develop completely and you will not suffer the loss of brain cells mentioned in this article.